Plaster Family Doctors

rural doctor

Born near Unison, in 1826 George Plaster graduated from the University of Maryland Medical School in Baltimore in the late 1840’s. He practiced in Unison for a short time and then became victim to Gold Fever in 1849. Accompanied by 11 of his neighbors, they left for California. After a rough and rocky adventure, George returned to Unison to resume his practice. Later he moved to Snickersville treating and attending the sick of the entire community. In 1873, Plaster married Sallie Talifero. In 12 years they had 9 children, one dying before the age of 1 and the others surviving until adulthood. Living at Glenmeade, the family home and location of his office. Plaster’s medical career ended when his 5th child, Henry Garret Plaster’s medical career began. Between father and son, they boosted of a practice that span 100years.

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Henry Plaster, son of Henry Garret Plaster.


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