This summer’s exhibition at the Plaster Museum of Bluemont Heritage located at the E.E. Lake Store will present a vivid picture of farm life in Loudoun County in the 19th & 20th Centuries, including a showcase on contemporary farms.

Appropriately, the exhibition is inside the very storefront operated by Mr. Lake where he sold farm supplies to support local farms back in 1906.  One striking feature of the store is it’s the only one of its kind not to have been remodeled in Virginia – what visitors see upon entering is not much different since the store first opened.

Thanks to the support of the Loudoun Heritage Farm Museum in Sterling, the Loudoun Museum, Balch Library, and private collectors, the exhibition includes artifacts from this by-gone era of our history: old tractors, horse-drawn plows, farm implements, ice cream and butter churns – even a children’s play area with Daisy the cow!

The museum is open Sundays 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM from May 1st to October 2nd.  The E.E. Lake Store is located at 18351 Railroad Street, Bluemont, VA.  Ample parking. The museum hours coincide with Bluemont’s summer farmers market!




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